About Ladies Armour

Who We Are?

Ladies Armour is funded on the basic tenet that beauty is an inside job. Although we are a women owned and operated company, our products can be enjoyed by anyone interested in taking care of the most noble organ we possess: our skin.  

Ladies Armour
represents the modern-day woman"warrior"that goes out to prove herself on the battlefield of everyday life. A woman who cares for herself and those around her. An unstoppable woman that goes out to conquer the world to better her family. 

Our tagline"Wear Your Armour"reflects what we believe—that a woman needs to take care and protect herself too so she'll be ready to battle any struggles she'll face. Sometimes things can be overwhelming but as long as she have that inside and out glow, she can do everything.

 Our aim is to help you gain more confidence to show the world your light and be as stunning outside as you are within. We believe that skin care is self care, and we thrive to provide not only the best products and tools a.k.a."armours"to give your skin the care it deserves, but also the support and custom care you need via our clients participation group to make you feel connected with a community of like minded people.