How We Make A Difference?

From the moment Ladies Armour was conceived, the environment was one of our priority concerns.

We are conscious of the harm and waste the beauty industry creates and from the beginning, we wanted to start with the smallest carbon footprint we could achieve, and strive to make it even less. To that end, our product does not include manuals, but a thank you card with a QR code pointing you to all the information you need. Our boxes are sturdy, with minimal designs and inserts and no information printed on the outside, to encourage buyers to reuse it. Our jars and bottles are also high quality and reusable.

We partner with our third party logistics company, to minimize the use of box sizes and shipping materials, and maintain the integrity of the product during delivery.

Why Ladies Armour?

Because we, at Ladies Armour genuinely cares. We offer  paraben-free and cruelty-free products which you can use to pamper and take care of yourself so you can take care of others too. We are celebrating the fact that we, as women, are beautiful and delicate on the outside, but strong and powerful on the inside.

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